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Pastoral Theology

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Kirk Wellum

This course is designed to make students familiar with the unique qualifications and demands of the pastoral office in the church of Jesus Christ. Biblically qualified pastors who have been called to serve by the Lord of the church are a great blessing and gift to the church. Unfortunately, however, they are often in short supply. While many aspire to the pastoral office and others think that because they can speak, or administer a business, or are well-liked by others that they are qualified to be pastors, the Bible places the emphasis on the gifting and calling of God. In Pastoral Theology we will begin by looking at what the Bible teaches about the church in order to gain a proper perspective and then we will look at the pastor himself and the exercise of the pastoral office.

Learning Outcomes
  • articulate the importance of the church of Jesus Christ in the salvific plan of God

  • identify what the Bible teaches about the office of pastor

  • define the particular joys and sorrows of pastoral ministry

  • assess God’s possible call on their own lives

  • determine ways to avoid needless ministerial pitfalls by the grace of God

  • serve and love the people of God within the context of the local church

  • categorise the challenges of the office so they can better support those who are called to serve in this way

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