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About Us

The aim of Munster Bible College is:

  • To advance the education, training and personal formation of Christian leaders and church members, mainly in the Munster region of Ireland

  • To set up and/or promote courses, seminars, workshops, forums for discussion and training

  • To provide accessible courses in biblical & theological studies at undergraduate degree level leading to development of personal competency and character 

  • To develop two streams of achievement: 

1. Knowledge & Understanding: the increase of comprehension: biblical, historical & theological and the development of understanding: cognition, evaluation & application

2. Response: the development of biblical, Christian character and the creative enhancement of ministry within the church

How It Works

Munster Bible College offers three courses per year in a one-week modular format, in January, June and September.

Each module will be comprised of a week of lectures (24 hours class time, also available via livestream online)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7pm-10pm

  • Wednesday and Saturday 9am-5pm

Description of Different Levels of Study
  • 60 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits

  • completing 12 modules equates to first year of a bachelors or masters degree programme

  • credits are transferable to at least three Bible colleges/seminaries

  • 12 week course

  • approximate time commitment of 120 hours of which 24 hours is contact teaching time

  • this is an MBC award with no attached credits

  • 12 week course

  • approximate time commitment of 90 hours of which 24 hours is contact teaching time

  • reflective assignments rather than academic papers or reviews

  • 24 hours of lectures, which is contact teaching time

  • no assignments


Diploma, Certificate, Audit €150.00 

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