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Delaune Lecture Series

11 June 2023

The Necessity of Biblical Authority in an Age of Competing Authorities

Dr. Stephen Wellum

25 September 2022

Dream Small

Seth Lewis

5 June 2022

Experiencing God

Dr. Ryan Rippee

9 February 2020

Parables: How Do We Read The Stories Jesus Told?

Brian Vickers

8 September 2019

Jesus Christ As The Fulfilment Of The Law And The Prophets

Kirk Wellum

9 June 2019

A Future Hope From A Shared Past: Why Church History Matters

Andy Compton

10 March 2019

Who Am I? Work, Wealth, & Identity

Michael Thigpen

2 October 2018

The Father's Exaltation Of The Son: Psalm 110 In The New Testament

Ryan Rippee

10 June 2018

Christ from Beginning to End: How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ

Stephen Wellum

14 January 2018

What On Earth Is A Conservative Evangelical Baptist?!

Ted Cabal

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