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Delaune Lecture Series

24 September 2023

Big Truths For Young Hearts

Dr. Bruce Ware

11 June 2023

The Necessity of Biblical Authority in an Age of Competing Authorities

Dr. Stephen Wellum

25 September 2022

Dream Small: The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life

Seth Lewis

5 June 2022

Experiencing God

Dr. Ryan Rippee

9 February 2020

Parables: How Do We Read The Stories Jesus Told?

Brian Vickers

8 September 2019

Jesus Christ As The Fulfilment Of The Law And The Prophets

Kirk Wellum

9 June 2019

A Future Hope From A Shared Past: Why Church History Matters

Andy Compton

10 March 2019

Who Am I? Work, Wealth, & Identity

Michael Thigpen

2 October 2018

The Father's Exaltation Of The Son: Psalm 110 In The New Testament

Ryan Rippee

10 June 2018

Christ from Beginning to End: How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ

Stephen Wellum

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