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Old Testament I

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Kevin Gabriel

A survey of the Old Testament, in English Bible, from Genesis to Esther, including an exposure to relevant introductory issues, an examination of literary genres, and application to life and ministry.

Learning Outcomes
  • demonstrate an understanding of each book’s place, purpose, and importance in the Old Testament by:

  1. recalling a concise summary statement of each book’s content and meaning

  2. summarising the major contributions of each book to the developing revelation of God in the OT

  3. understanding how each book’s message is developed through it’s literary structure

  4. recognising the progress of revelation and how this reveals the unchanging nature of the promises of God

  • demonstrate an understanding of the history of Israel by:

  1. identifying the relationship between Israel’s development and her ANE environment

  2. identifying the importance and function(s) of the central person, events, and institutions of biblical Israel

  • incorporate the OT into his/her spiritual formation by:

  1. making contextually appropriate applications of key OT texts

  2. recognising the importance of understanding the OT for studying and applying the NT

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