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Church History II Moving Online

We are looking forward to our next MBC Module, Church History II with Dr Crawford Gribben. Unfortunately, due to recent changes and current restrictions we will not be able to hold in-person classes. While a disappointment, we are delighted that we will be able to continue with a mix of pre-recorded lectures and live zoom classes.

To help with this adjustment we are making the lectures available for students to watch at a time that suits. The following schedule will apply:

Recoded lectures available to students from Monday 3rd January 2022

(to be completed by Monday 17th January)

1. Christianity in the 16th century

2. The radical reformation

3. The reformation in Ireland

4. Christianity in the 17th century

5. The rise of the Baptists

6. Christianity in 17th century Ireland

7. Christianity in the 18th century

8. Baptists, dissenters and evangelicals

9. Christianity in 18th century Ireland

10. Christianity in the 19th century

11. Baptists, brethren and evangelicals

12. Christianity in 19th century Ireland

Live zoom lectures (each evening will be 2 hours, including question time):

Monday 17th January 7-9pm

1. Christianity in the 20th century

2. Christianity in the 21st century

Tuesday 18th January 7-9pm

1. Baptists and global evangelicalism – c20th and c21st

Friday 21st January 7-9pm

1. Christianity in 20th century Ireland

2. Ireland’s sudden-onset secularisation

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