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Dr. Bruce Ware

The course will introduce the student to various ways great Christian thinkers
have presented and defended the faith against the challenges of their day. Some
of the topics include biblical inspiration & inerrancy, the formation of the canon,
and the Bible’s amazingly faithful manuscript transmission. The course will
introduce powerful reasons belief in God is supremely rational, and how atheistic
challenges from evil, religious diversity and philosophical rejections of the
supernatural can be defeated. Special attention will be given to the extraordinary
historical evidence for the central event of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus.
Ultimately, the objective of the course is for the student to utilise Christian
apologetics in personal witness for Jesus Christ.

Learning Outcomes
  • describe the nature of the apologetic task

  • identify the history of apologetics and the figures involved

  • recognise the various approaches to apologetics

  • present a defence of the faith against various world-view perspectives

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