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Interpreting and Teaching the Bible

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Dr. Shane Deane

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the history, purpose, and mechanics of expository preaching and teaching. This will involve a survey of the process of preparing and delivering a biblical presentation or sermon. Particular attention will be given to the understanding and interpretation of passages to be preached or taught in context, biblically, doctrinally, practically, and experientially. 

Learning Outcomes

*Please note that this course has a unique timetable to be completed over a longer period in coordination with your local church. You can view the timetable by clicking here.


  • analyse a Bible text, identifying original meaning and contemporary application;

  • evaluate key issues that are part of an expository lesson or sermon;

  • prepare, plan and deliver a sermon or teaching lesson on selected bible texts;

  • reflect on feedback and how to improve future practice.

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